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Unleash Your Story, Ignite Change

A Masterful Immersion with Best-Selling Author Sandra Rodriguez Bicknell for the Changemakers of Today

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A Book Writing Program to Share Your Wisdom & Create Your Legacy
A Masterful Immersion with Best-Selling Author

Sandra Rodriguez Bicknell for the Changemakers of Today

For the thought leaders, changemakers, group facilitators, and creatives with a heart on fire and a desire to change the world...

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It's time.

That next level of mastery is calling you, and it's asking you to step deeper into your service than ever before.

You know it,

I know it,

And now, it's time to do something about it.

Scale your service, anchor your message, and transform thousands of lives with your very first book!

Before I became a best-selling author, I was filled with doubts.

I struggled to find the confidence to show up on the level I knew I was capable of. And for a moment, I almost let that stop me from sharing my story.

Until one day, it hit me...

"why not me?"

"Why not my story?"

Because here's the truth: those parts of your journey that you think are "nothing" or "not worth mentioning"?  They have VALUE.

Not only that, but they have a PURPOSE, just like you. Think about words you've read that changed everything in your life. Words the author may never have written if they had let doubt get in their way.

My story


It's your duty in this very crucial time to let your desire for transformation, for revolution, for hope, outweigh any doubts in your mind.

You might be thinking…​

Do I have a "worthy" enough story to tell?

Who am I to write a book?

Where would I even begin?

And if I did, who would actually read it?

Every time we're called to a new level, those same old fears wearing brand new faces appear to warn us away from showing up to meet our greatness.

Because (as we both know) stepping into that next level of service can feel daunting.

This isn't the time to let details and doubts get in your way.

This isn't the time to let the "how to" overwhelm you.

That's what I'm here for.

Make this memoir your guide to Self-Discovery & Growth

Programs Offered

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and authorship with Sandra Rodriguez Bicknell, a seasoned best-selling author.


Illuminate Your Narrative / 1:1 Author VIP Program:

Turn your aspiration of becoming a best-selling author into reality in a matter of weeks with this personalized, immersive program.

Collective Authorship Adventure:

Join a community of kindred spirits in our Multi-Author Book Program. Elevate your service and inspire countless lives in a supportive group setting.

Poetry Reading

Streamlined Publishing Solutions:

Discover our professional publishing services, expertly designed to bring your book to life with seamless ease.

Author's Inner Circle:

Weekly Live Support Group. Immerse yourself in a vibrant community of authors sharing a collective journey.

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About Me

My Story

About Me

An International Best-Selling Author, Book Coach, Founder of Soulfully Aligned Publishing, and Certified Tao Hands Practitioner, Sandra Rodriguez Bicknell is on a mission to empower agents of change and transformation.

With a burning passion to guide coaches, healers, and facilitators of all modalities, Sandra helps them bring their transformative stories to life. Her own best-seller, "Cuts of A Diamond," is a memoir exploring love, forgiveness, and shared human experiences, acting as a beacon of light for those seeking their own voices.

As the visionary founder of Soulfully Aligned Publishing, Sandra believes that words possess the unparalleled power to transform lives. Through personalized coaching, editing, and publishing services, she is dedicated to aligning your unique story with your soul's purpose, offering a platform for authentic voices to resonate with the world.

Welcome to Soulfully Aligned Publishing, where we're dedicated to manifesting your literary dreams with grace and elegance. Embark on this transformative journey with Sandra Rodriguez Bicknell and let your story be the catalyst for change.

My Book

Relationships of the heart can be tricky and challenging.  Sometimes we feel disillusioned like the tides have turned against us and there is no one on our side who understands what we are going through. Or maybe you ask yourself, “Why me?” or “What did I do wrong?” 

In Cuts of a Diamond, Sandra Rodriguez Bicknell sets down her raw emotions and honest experiences. As her story weaves through her highs and lows she calls for all women to take back authority over their own life.

We need to know that there is more to life than just circumstances.  We cannot dictate what will or will not happen as our life unfolds but we can change the outlook to our life happenings by how we let it affect us.

Cuts of Diamond shares how women can change their mindset, rewrite their story, and honor their victories.  As we acknowledge our triumphs and challenges we can continue to shine like the beautiful diamond we are inside and out. 


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Get my bestselling book!


The Bicknell name is associated with Jamaican royalty... and their stories stay within those realms or they make it to the history books of nations as legends and fables. I likened Sandra in this novel to the modern day Annie Palmer who finally gets to share her story, herself... and in doing so she shows the reader, I'm just like you. A woman who has faced hurt and found healing. It was time well spent in her world leaving you with a thirst for the beginning of her new journey.

Female Entrepreneur


CEO Sugarplum Box


Write Your Book

Founded by Sandra Rodriguez Bicknell during the challenging times of COVID-19, Soulfully Aligned Publishing is a pioneering publishing house committed to empowering authors to share their transformative stories of personal growth and positive change.

Success Stories

What They Say

“Agreeing to do this project was the most profound yes I could have ever imagined. This journey created the space and accountability needed for me to gain clarity on my location and provide a safe container for me to explore all parts of myself. The act of writing out my story was healing in itself as I made connections to life experiences that I didn’t know existed prior. Plus I met 12 amazing women and look forward to co-creating again in the future!”

~Olivia Dydyna 

“Since childhood, it has been a dream to become a published author. When I saw that Sandra and Vanessa were launching a multi author book, I immediately knew I wanted to be part of this project. The writing process was beautiful, cathartic and healing for me. I let go of difficult memories and emotions from the past and was able to find peace with myself and people in my life. Since becoming a published author in July 2021, my writing has already been accepted into a reputable spiritual magazine and have been invited to speak at well being conferences.”

~Sabrina Mabel Nicholson

“Working with soulfully aligned publishing was a true pleasure. For someone who had never published a book before, it was a bit daunting. However the love and support that was shown every step of the way made it such an expansive experience. The coaching, spiritual mentorship, editing, graphic design, marketing and launch were all done with such remarkable efficiency, love and support. It truly was such a joy working with women who showed up and executed every step of the way with such grace and ease.”

~Geoff Larden

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