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Abstract Background

About Soulfully Aligned Publishing:

Founded by Sandra Rodriguez Bicknell during the challenging times of COVID-19, Soulfully Aligned Publishing is a pioneering publishing house committed to empowering authors to share their transformative stories of personal growth and positive change.

Whether through collaborative multi-author books or supporting solo authors, Soulfully Aligned Publishing embraces diversity and welcomes voices from all walks of life. With a focus on inspiration, empowerment, and holistic well-being, they provide a nurturing environment where authors can thrive and make a difference through their words.

With a unique approach, each of their books forges a powerful alliance with a nonprofit partner, creating a meaningful impact and raising awareness for causes that align with their mission. By combining the power of storytelling and social responsibility, Soulfully Aligned Publishing amplifies the voices of authors and contributes to a greater collective purpose.

Join Sandra Rodriguez Bicknell and the vibrant community at Soulfully Aligned Publishing to embark on your authorial journey, contribute to positive change, and become part of a movement that uplifts, empowers, and inspires readers around the world.

Published Books

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Successful Authors

What They Say

Sabrina .webp

Since childhood, it has been a dream to become a published author. When I saw that Sandra and Vanessa we’re launching a multi author book, I am imediately knew I wanted to be part of this project. The writing process was beautiful cathartic and healing for me.


I let go of difficult memories and emotions from the past and was able to find peace with myself and people in my life. Since becoming a published author in July 2021, my writing has already been excepted into a reputable spiritual magazine and have been invited to speak at well being conferences.

Sabrina Mabel Nicholson,

Olivia D _edited.webp

Agreeing to do this project was the most profound yes I could have ever imagined. This journey created the space and accountability need it for me to gain clarity on my location and provide a safe container for me to explore all parts of myself.


The act of writing out my story was healing in itself as I made connections to life experiences that I didn’t know existed prior. Plus I met 12 amazing woman and look forward to co-creating again in the future.

Olivia Dydyna,

Reva Wild _edited.webp

What I’m still baffled by is how easy this magical process was, and I had to write my chapter on my phone because my laptop broke! Sandra and Vanessa made it so peaceful and smoother to bring one of my deepest stories and my service alive in this book.


I’m already planning my first solo novel after the deeply transformative experience finally becoming an author and truly standing in the power of my voice and embodiment. I cannot thank soulfully aligned Publishing enough. I’m an author and an international best selling one at that

Reva Wild,

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