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Turn even your most


experiences into a thing of


In Cuts Of A Diamond, Sandra Rodriguez Bicknell sets down her raw emotions and honest experiences in order to make a difference in each reader’s life.  

Learn how to become the hero

of your own beautiful story: 

  • Strengthen your spirituality

  • Discover the most powerful tool to heal yourself

  • Learn to manifest your best life

  • Uncover the natural magic and power that lives within you

  • Improve your relationships with God and your family

  • Conquer heartbreak

Available through your favorite bookstore or online at:

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Make this memoir your guide to

Self-Discovery & Growth   


Nicky Clarke

Beautiful read!  Sandra was able to capture all the emotions that I think we all experience at some time in our lives at some point.


Anna-Ruth Henriques

Sandra Bicknell writes her incredible life story from her heart, and what a heart this author has ... Her honest outlook, self-examination and positive approach are examples to follow, her insight a beacon of light.


Susana Canelo

This book is an interesting and emotional story… filled with obstacles, heartache, and betrayal. Sandra tells her story in a captivating and inspiring way. I didn’t want to put the book down. Excellent read!


The Author


Sandra Rodriguez-Bicknell

Former international model • Author • Writing Coach • Jeweler


The Journey


A woman and spiritual being whose focus in life is love, Sandra Rodriguez-Bicknell was born on April 15, 1967 to Cuban immigrants living and working in NYC. She was not born there, but her Cuban pride is unmistakable. 


At the age of 25, she married the man she called her hero, and moved to his homeland, Jamaica, to start their own family. The marriage ended after six years and two children, leaving Sandra to pick up the pieces and reinvent herself, both her children and herself. 

She fell in love again, but after a blissful ten-year romance, Sandra was once again on her own. It was then that she decided to move back to the states to be near her family and ailing father, who passed three years later. She eventually found herself back in Jamaica rekindling a romance that she had left behind, but this, also, was not meant to be.


Now, as cultured as she is worldly, Sandra has decided to use her experiences to comfort and guide those who are experiencing the same darkness that she herself has endured. She is now fulfilling her lifelong dream and helping to inspire women to embrace the power of self-discovery.

The Model


In 1988, before moving to Jamaica, a serendipitous encounter launched her modeling career and transformed her life as she knew it. Before long, Sandra was traveling the world as a top international model. She worked with the top photographers, was booked on several top campaigns, including Oliviero Toscani for Benetton, Robert Erdman for Equipment, and Elle Magazine with Walter Chim, Pamerla Hanson, Ellen Von Unwerth, and shared the cover of Vogue, shot my Albert Watson. The International Gap campaign, two covers for Cosmopolitan UK and Marie Claire, Spain.


Work with Sandra

Take back the authority over your own life 

The ego’s story is Edging God Out. It’s the story of powerlessness and self-pity that keeps us small. When we put those stories down on paper and see them with fresh eyes and a new perspective, we start to see the wisdom buried beneath the hurt: then begin to understand your greater purpose.

I provide specialized writing support to change-makers, new thought leaders, healers & facilitators who want to anchor their message and scale their service through writing their first book in only 90 days.


Writing Workshops

Let’s rewrite your story so you can truly celebrate your triumphs and victories and turn it into a thing of beauty. Be guided through a process that helps you shine a light on your story.

One-on-One Coaching 

Sandra has turned the tools and methods that she used to rise above heartbreak into a 1:1 coaching practice that helps men and women resolve their hurt, claim their wisdom and manifest their story into a tangible thing of stunning beauty; an external representation of internal transformation.

Over the course of six weeks, you will work with Sandra to use a variety of tools and techniques to turn heartbreak into beauty. A program based on faith, forgiveness, and letting go will allow the person you were meant to be to emerge.​

  • Allow your light to shine again

  • Move through the heartache  

  • Find answers to your big questions by learning where to look

  • Clearing the space for the right one

  • Unbecoming / Deprogramming

  • Raise your vibration

  • Forgiveness


You'll work hard and move fast. Sometimes it will feel like The Matrix meets Eat Pray Love, but I’ve got you…You'll get through this together!

Over the course of the program, Sandra will work with you to help you write your story (maybe you have a book in you!), see the lessons that lie within it and make a go-forward plan.



As a special bonus, in your seventh and eighth week together Sandra and yourself will design something beautiful.  It may be the beginning of your memoir, a piece of jewelry, a piece of art, plans to redecorate your living space -  make room for magic!


"Though we were able to take the initiative and write our story, it was also a very cathartic therapy session. Listening to other peoples stories and knowing that our common denominator is love. That writing is a spiritual experience and that the program blended the two seamlessly."


Marchelle Tucker, Educator

The “Rewrite Your Story" program is an effective and enjoyable way to reassess any life story. After this event I found peace and took the jewels from my experiences. 

Sandra brings a clear and innovative structure. She has noticeable life experience, a non judgemental approach. She is caring and keeps you to the process. Through the writing exercise she guided me a 180 degrees opposite perspective and that is where I found freedom from this life story. 

Robert de Liefde, Former Fortune 500 Executive  

News and Events

Cuts of a Diamond Luxury Retreat

in Jamaica


Retreat to the nurturing and lush hills of Jamaica, land of water and wood, for a transformative healing experience. Held by Mother Earth and Father Sky, we'll cherish our bodies and refresh our spirit, through deep healing work, meditation and journaling. A journey of remembering who we truly are, a practice of integration - ancestral, emotional, physical and spiritual. A letting go and an embrace of the New.

Changing your mindset and telling your story are powerful, but sometimes you just need to get out of your current situation and be in a space where transformation is possible. My own journey was definitely accelerated by retreats and workshops along the way. My team and I have been working to create a unique event dedicated to healing, heartbreak and reclaiming happiness.

That's why I created the Cuts of a Diamond Retreat. This is a retreat for women like you to open the way to a new beginning. Because you're worthy of living a life that's rich and beautiful.

Through the magic of deep healing, we will be guided through a blend of journaling, meditation and the visceral power of astrology, you will open the path for remembering who we are underneath our ego-image and limiting beliefs.

Contact Sandra to learn more and find out if this program is right for you. 

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