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Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Welcome to my Blog! I’m so happy to finally launch my weekly blog.

After I wrote my book I found it so difficult to start writing again. I resisted for sometime as the sense of overwhelm would wash over me each time I’d open a new document so I decided to just let it be. It just want time. I took the time to concentrate on other aspects of my business until the desire to write gradually came back to me.

After each breakup and transition I learned more about human nature and myself. What we’re “suppose” to feel vs. what we are really feeling and ultimately believing. I began a process I called “un-becoming”. I spent 17 months immersed in self-discovery and spiritual healing, pushing myself through painful recollections of experiences that changed me forever.

I found that faith and forgiveness is what ultimately helped me let go of all I believed relationships should be like. By dissecting, then deprograming all I thought was true about myself I was able to see past the conditioning we’ve been lead to believe is real. Then I dug deep into my spirituality and came to realize that this was the road God intended for me. He knew that through my heart a light would shine on others giving a greater understanding of LOVE as it was meant to be.

Writing my story helped me find a new appreciation of the person I am and what I am capable of, what I’ve been through and truly celebrate my victories through the process of writing and shining the light on those triumphs and stories I deemed disappointments and disasters.

Using every tool possible to make the most of each lesson. At the end it was faith and forgiveness that helped me let go, deprogram and allowing the woman I was meant to be to emerge.

I now feel free to express what’s in my heart and the message I was meant to share with you. Thank you for being here, for showing up to take in these post as there are no mistakes in this beautiful life. You are here for a reason and I am filled with gratitude that you are!!!

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Am filled with goes bomps ,very inspirational I love what u doing, an they call me 💎so it's like you writing my story 😍😍

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