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Updated: Sep 3, 2019

I’d like to share something I read. Something so very important, extremely interesting and it will alter the way you move in the world. Something we should all adopt into our lives if we truly want to make a difference.

If we want to drastically change our lives for the better, we should always aim for 500, the vibration of love, or above. Joy, peace and abundance and many other awesome things become possible at 500 and above.

What’s more, a life of struggle seems to fade away and you become a magnet for what you truly desire in life. People who vibrate at the highest levels of consciousness have control over their thoughts, feelings and success.

They have the most truth and awareness and live with the least amount of limitations.

And it doesn’t end there, studies show that your energy doesn’t just affect you, but also those around you. The highest conscious people hold a vortex of love and have the ability to make others vibrate at the level of 500 or above just by being themselves. It’s in their energy field; it’s what they exude.

Just one person who’s vibration is set on the level of 500, has the ability to counter-balance the negative energy of 750 other people. So imagine what a contribution you could make just by being you to your family and friends, neighbors, city, state, country and the planet. Positive energy is highly contagious.

The difference you could make could be fast and far-reaching just by you simply choosing the level of consciousness of 500 or above.

Not sure about all this? Just Google “distance healing,” “Transcendental Meditation” or the “Maharishi Effect.”

The bottom line?

Most people want to feel happier, be more successful and live more joyful, enlightened lives. The aim should be to overcome energy blockages and raise your personal vibrational frequency to 500 or higher.

So are your VIBRATIONS sabotaging your life?

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