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Hi, I'm Sandra 

I'm  an International Best-Selling Author, Book Coach, and Certified Tao Hands Practitioner.  

My passion is to empowers agents of change and transformation—coaches, healers and facilitators of all modalities—to write their book, make an impact, and create massive change in the lives of thousands.

My first best-seller, Cuts of A Diamond, is my memoir on love, forgiveness, and shared human experience. It was the catalyst that led me to guide other souls through writing their first book—showing them how to powerfully find their story, share their message, and create a powerful legacy.

When we work together

Writing a book


What surprises most people, is that the primary focus is not launching best-selling books (although we do that well). Our primary focus is creating a container of profound healing for our authors as they move through the experience of telling their stories. 


In Sandra's workshop, a dialog occurs between the Third Eye and Solar Plexus. It starts with the Third Eye which opens Visualization (Clairvoyance) and connects to the Solar Plexus where the Sense of Self resides. A second link circles back up to the Third Eye informing it as well. 

The Solar Plexus has a secondary connection to the Root Chakra and updates it with new information. The Root Chakra then grounds the “data” down into the Earth through the process of answering questions. The journaling further allows the individual to actualize it. 

The meditation turns “every body” into a safe inner sanctum. Sandra’s process gives another meaning to the expression “My body is a Temple”. 

"Through her meditation technique, Sandra offers a valuable tool for people to access their own Truth.  It is flexible in its ability to help in any area of one’s life, requiring only her line of questioning to be adjusted to meet a client’s need.

The result of her process is deep and rich insights". 


Ready to re-write your story?

Join me in my signature online workshop, or work with me privately. Let's take back the authority of your life!

Here's how we can work together...

Work With Me


  with Soulfully Aligned Publishing 

1 on 1 Book Writing Program


At Tell Your Story, we believe that everyone has a powerful story to tell. That’s why we’re here to help coaches, facilitators and other service professionals get their book written and published. We offer a comprehensive program that guides you through the entire book-writing and publishing process, so you can confidently anchor your message and scale your offering. With our unique approach, you can make your dream of becoming a best-selling author a reality in weeks not years.


  with Soulfully Aligned Publishing 

A Group Book
Writing Program


Looking to take your service to new heights and inspire countless lives?


Our program is here to help you make your dream a reality by guiding you through the process of writing and publishing your very first best-selling book.


As your publisher, we'll work with you every step of the way to ensure your book reaches its full potential. Join us today and unleash your potential as a successful author!




Open Your Writing Channel is: 1 part writing workshop + 1 part spiritual activation for the writers and non-writers who are here to share their message with the world.

Whether you’re… struggling to find inspiration for content, lacking confidence in sharing your writing, still aren’t sure how to show up authentically, or you’re simply looking to reignite that creative spark.

Open Your Writing Channel will transform the way you approach your content.

What People Say

"Over the course of the twelve-week program, she guided me into a flow. Sandra became naturally in tune with my personality, talents and way of writing. She asks pointed questions, is precise and doesn’t settle for anything less than excellence. She knows how and when to steer the process to assure the heartfelt message is shared with the reader. It is an absolute pleasure to work with Sandra."

Robert de Liefde, Former Fortune 500 Executive  

"Though we were able to take the initiative and write our story, it was also a very cathartic therapy session. Listening to other peoples stories and knowing that our common denominator is love. That writing is a spiritual experience and that the program blended the two seamlessly."

Marchelle Tucker, Educator

“Since childhood, it has been a dream to become a published author. When I saw that Sandra and Vanessa were launching a multi author book, I immediately knew I wanted to be part of this project. The writing process was beautiful, cathartic and healing for me. I let go of difficult memories and emotions from the past and was able to find peace with myself and people in my life. Since becoming a published author in July 2021, my writing has already been accepted into a reputable spiritual magazine and have been invited to speak at well being conferences.”

Sabrina Mabel Nicholson, Holistic Consultant | Best Selling Author

The Book
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Relationships of the heart can be tricky and challenging.  Sometimes we feel disillusioned like the tides have turned against us and there is no one on our side who understands what we are going through. Or maybe you ask yourself, “Why me?” or “What did I do wrong?” 

In Cuts of a Diamond, Sandra Rodriguez Bicknell sets down her raw emotions and honest experiences. As her story weaves through her highs and lows she calls for all women to take back authority over their own life.  

We need to know that there is more to life than just circumstances.  We cannot dictate what will or will not happen as our life unfolds but we can change the outlook to our life happenings by how we let it affect us.


Cuts of Diamond shares how women can change their mindset, rewrite their story, and honor their victories.  As we acknowledge our triumphs and challenges we can continue to shine like the beautiful diamond we are inside and out. 

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My Book

Learn how to become the hero of your own beautiful story: 

  • Strengthen your spirituality

  • Discover the most powerful tool to heal yourself

  • Learn to manifest your best life

  • Uncover the natural magic and power that lives within you

  • Improve your relationships with God and your family

  • Conquer heartbreak

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Make this memoir your guide to

Self-Discovery & Growth   

Beautiful read!  Sandra was able to capture all the emotions that I think we all experience at some time in our lives at some point.

Nicky Clarke

Sandra Bicknell writes her incredible life story from her heart, and what a heart this author has ... Her honest outlook, self-examination and positive approach are examples to follow, her insight a beacon of light.

Anna-Ruth Henriques

This book is an interesting and emotional story… filled with obstacles, heartache, and betrayal. Sandra tells her story in a captivating and inspiring way. I didn’t want to put the book down. Excellent read!

Susana Canelo

About Me


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Sandra Rodriguez- Bicknell is a Best-selling Author, Book Coach, Publisher, Mother, Model, and acclaimed Jeweler.   

Sandra’s calling today is to empower agents of change and transformation; coaches, healers, and facilitators of all modalities to write their book, make an impact, and ultimately create massive change in the lives of thousands.

Born in NYC to Cuban immigrants Sandra learned early on the importance of family and taking care of one another. She was sheltered at an early age and just thought this was the way of life.  Little did Sandra know that she would start her career as a model traveling all over the world for the first time in her young adult life that forever changed her course.  

In 1992, at the age of 25 after having much success as a model, she married and moved to her husband’s homeland, Jamaica. This was her start to build a family of her own as well as a successful jewelry business. 

In 2017, life was very different for Sandra as she was finding her new way in the world. Years after her divorce and her children were grown she took a leap of faith and moved to Los Angeles to write her best-selling book, Cuts of a Diamond, a spiritual journey through love and heartache. The book was picked up by Morgan James publishing in 2019 starting a new chapter in Sandra’s life.  

It was then that Sandra decided to follow her heart and step into her purpose. She was being called to do something even bigger and support others like her!  Writing her story helped Sandra to find a new appreciation in the person she truly is. “The perspective that I gained as I went through the process was invaluable. Getting my raw, honest words on paper and finding the narrative thread that helped me own my truth was all part of my journey back to me. I am excited to share my offerings and look forward to supporting your story to get out in the world.”

About Me


To connect via email, reach out to me at

Ready to start your book writing journey? Schedule a strategy session for your story below.

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